Casino Games – The Roulette Wheel

150713-perth-casino-casinogames-roulette-wheel-974x676-01The secret behind winning at a game of roulette is to understand the roulette wheel. If you thought the wheel is unpredictable, well, think again.

First, know the roulette wheel parts. They are;

  • Diamond
  • Ball Track
  • Base
  • Pockets
  • Rotor

Unless the wheel is rotated daily, its ball release point is the same. This will lead to the path of the ball being worn out in particular areas. Every wheel has dominant diamonds, where the ball has hit more than others.

Dominant Diamonds

Whether expensive as the real diamonds or not, the roulette diamonds are the metal detectors on the wheel. They are sometimes referred to as disruptors as they stand in the way of the ball’s trajectory. Roulette wheel diamonds can also be called stops, slats, pins or deflectors.

The majority of roulette wheels have dominant diamonds. In most cases, a wheel will have two vertical dominant diamonds.

Dominant diamonds make spins predictable. To predict a number that will win, you should know the figures under the dominant diamond where the ball falls. Some wheels have an obvious dominant diamond.

It’s hard to design a roulette wheel that will offer players random spins.

The house edge is -2.7%. You only need slight accuracy to overcome this advantage. A wheel cannot be 100% random. There is always room for predictability.


Even though the wheel is built precisely, there are small defects. Furthermore, most casino staff has little knowledge of the wheel physics. Modern casinos will set up software to analyze wheels that give biased spins. The technique can identify roulette wheels with predictable results. The downside of the art is that the casino staff has to gather data for weeks before it can be used to determine which wheels need changing. If you are a smart player, you can quickly select the biased roulette wheels before the casino realizes the need to change them.