Casino Games

online-casino-gamesOnline games and sites have come a long way with advancements in technology. Today, you can play casino games from the comfort of your mobile device. However, if you are a fan of visiting the casino for the lights and the shiny machines, you can still enjoy a wide range of casino games like the black jack, roulette or craps.


The Casino roulette may be classified as among the easiest table games to learn and play.

You make your bet on a number table. The aim is to predict the number that will be spun on the roulette wheel. The wheel features between numbers 0-36 colored in red and black.

Each spin starts by placing your wager. The bets placed in a game of roulette may be the Outside bet, or the Inside bet. Inside bets offer few chances of winning but you may have a high payout odd, as high as 35 to 1.

Types of roulette games include;

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette

Black Jack

The Blackjack is a popular land-based or online casino table game. The game can include between one and seven players. All the players go against the dealer. To win, your card value must be 21 or closer to this number than the dealer. Should you go above 21, you lose as this is considered a ‘bust’.


The casino craps game is also called bank craps. The game involves two dice and a purpose-built table. The shooter should place a bet whose value is at least the table minimum.

The rules dictate that the shooter only handles the dice with one hand when throwing. It must hit the wall on the opposite end of the table. Winning numbers, also called naturals, are seven and 11, while losing numbers, called craps, are two, three and 12. If your first roll is a natural, you win.