Welcome to the biggest archive on the Web

The purpose

The Internet Archive is a non-profit project, filled with volunteers and individuals that want to make a difference. Inspired by San Francisco, the website contacted many companies and individuals, from which it received great amounts of data.


After decades of research, the growing team of the internet archive has successfully created a website in the year 1996; the team has focused on creating a database of important pages which can be altered or upgraded from time to time. People usually forget how to get organized, so this way, everyone is able to create a personal database, a gallery of bookmarks, so this way the individual will be able to use this presentation for individual goals, or the company can see how to improve – which things to add and which things to remove. Think of this as a product that will constantly evolve, always giving a different kind of story.

The viewer gets access to a simplified field – whether the individual looks for pictures, games, books or any other kinds of material. This kind of approach will evolve, together with the growing community of users. As a company, the need to upgrade it will be the mirror of the attention that is dedicated to the market.

Internet Libraries and Librarianship

One of the best partners to us was “Alexa Internet”, The Internet Public Library, The Society of American Archivists and many others that can be read about on the website.

After so many years of growth that the Internet Archive achieved, the message is – “Anything is possible, with the right team and a dream. The rest is plain creativity.” Come and visit a unique and beautifully organized portal which will become part of your life.